Castle Kitchen Foods




Why Castle Kitchen?

Castle Kitchen’s mission is to create a high quality and inspiring selection of delicious, healthy and easy to prepare foods.  We aim to join people together to create, share and enjoy our foods with family & friends.   Inspired by the memories of our childhood Castle Kitchen has created fun and delicious flavours for everyone to enjoy.  We are dedicated to bringing to North America a range of products that promote a healthy lifestyle with important dietary considerations.

Our “Just Add Water” formula is essential for the busy family.

Are your products NON-GMO?

Yes.   Castle Kitchen Foods are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard. The Non-GMO Project Standard provides ongoing verification for all ingredients used in our formulas, as well as facility inspections and annual audits to ensure that the highest possible standards for GMO avoidance are met.

Are your products made in a gluten-free/nut-free/dairy-free facility?

Please see our Allergy Statement regarding our manufacturing process:


Do you use artificial flavours or colours in your products?

We do not use any artificial flavours or colours in our products


Why do the tins of your cocoa mixes appear to be ½ full?

We fill our tins with the product mix to about the ¾ full mark.  The net weights of the tins are 400 grams (as stated on the label). However due to the extra heavy weight of our Dark Chocolate Cocoa it settles down significantly over time and the tin may appear to be half full. This does not change the weight but is the nature of heavy ingredients such as dark chocolate cocoa. The packaging fill size is standard practice.


Can I add any milk products to the preparation?

Absolutely.  You can add any milk or milk substitute products when preparing our pancake or cocoa mix drink products.

Where can I find the expiration date on your products?

On the bottom of our cartons/tins.

Where can I find your products?

We can be found in store at the following North American Retailers:
North American Retail Locations

We also work with online retailers who will ship you product directly: 
North American Online Retailers


I noticed that your Protein Packed pancake has lupin flour and pea protein. Since these ingredients are related to peanuts and therefore can be allergenic to individuals with peanut allergies, what process do you follow to ensure that there is no cross contamination to your other products?

Our facilities are BRC certified for Global Food Safety Initiative. We follow strict Good Manufacturing Policies and HACCP regulations.  We comply with all CFIA and FDA regulations. All of these certifications are the highest standards in the food industry to protect food safety and cross contamination. Although we are not required by government regulations to have any warning about Lupin flour on our packaging (as it is not a declared allergen) we have added it to our Protein packaging as Lupin flour is one of the main ingredients in our product. As for our other pancake products, we did not add the Lupin flour warning to these products since the production of our Protein pancake is in a special segregated area.


I suffer from a severe nut allergy, can you guarantee that there are no nuts in your products or facility?

Even though our products do not contain nuts, anyone with ‘severe allergies’ should be aware that our facilities are not ‘certified nut free’ and therefore we highly recommend that you do not use our products. 


Do you use iodized salt in your pancakes?

Yes, we do.